Our Favorite Interview Questions to Ask

Our Favorite Interview Questions to Ask

When we evaluate potential additions to team Eligius Marketing Group, there are a few types of questions we always ask. Here are the queries we believe every jobseeker should be prepared to answer if he or she wants to make a positive impression.

The first thing we ask candidates to do is walk us through their experiences and how they will allow them to thrive with our firm. If jobseekers can concisely explain what they’ve achieved and how they can help us reach our goals, it’s much easier for us to see them as good fits for our culture.

We also ask potential hires if their levels of responsibility increased in their prior jobs. When we pose this question, we want to find out how flexible a person is in terms of taking on bigger challenges over time. We try to learn as many details as possible about how a potential hire has tackled a variety of tasks, because we value this type of agility as a core Eligius Marketing Group principle.

It’s important to ask what a person saw as the most fulfilling part of a previous job as well. We can learn a lot about a candidate based on what he or she enjoyed in a prior role, especially if it happens to be new challenges or constant improvement.

These are the kinds of questions jobseekers need to consider as they prepare for interviews. Find more of our insights into the hiring process by following Eligius Marketing Group on Instagram.