Value-driven and personalized Our direct approach amplifies messages for stronger outcomes.

Eligius Marketing Group: Connections That Drive Impact

Eligius Marketing Group knows how to build unwavering support for mission-driven organizations. The results we generate are hard to find elsewhere. That’s because we’re masters at sparking personal conversations in communities to raise awareness for important causes. Our focus is only matched by the energy we bring to each interaction.

Our success comes from our on-the-ground presence. Through face-to-face meetings, we share our partners’ missions with people in the community. Our innovative and flexible approach gives us room to be creative and reach more audiences in less time than indirect methods. We get people excited, which turns impact into greater good.

Passion Behind Eligius Marketing Group

There’s nothing like the power of a collective voice to get your message heard far and wide. That’s what we do best at Eligius Marketing Group. We let our enthusiasm for great causes inspire others to be part of something big. Whether it’s encouraging people to eat organic, promoting heath care for kids, or any number of other causes, count on us to increase awareness and drive impact.

Core Values


We are optimistic and that is evident in how fast we draw people’s attention. We’re proud of our partners and it shows.

Skill Development

Our people hone all of their professional skills so that they can be even more impactful for the causes we represent.


Everyone here shares a common goal, which is to get the word out about great causes. We know that together, we can start a movement for change.

Diverse Team

What makes for the best innovation? When people with unique talents unite to get things done. We infuse each campaign with expertise from many backgrounds, which is why they are so successful.

We work together to make a difference in our communities. Be part of
something bigger.