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Ready to add your talents and passions to a place where your career can thrive? Join Eligius Marketing Group to raise your voice for change while building a satisfying career. Let’s make great things happen together.


Be Part of Something BIG With Eligius Marketing Group

Have you ever envisioned yourself at the helm of a movement for good? We support innovators whose missions range from clean water to ensuring everyone has a place to live – and so can you. Now is your chance to jump on board with Eligius Marketing Group. Every day, we’re helping our partners create an impact for the greater good. Our culture is ideal to support people who have a drive to make a difference while growing as professionals. If your heart intersects with your need to succeed, we’ve got a place for you.


Build a Career Doing
Social Good

Eligius Marketing Group is giving mission-driven organizations and nonprofits the powerful support they need to get their messages out and build community support. The organizations we represent range from charities to ethical businesses whose causes align with our values and the change we want to see in this world. Our role is to create a strong on-the-ground presence that connects our partners with like-minded people who share their need for social good. Since we’re on the frontline in communicating the need for action, our extensive training program ensures that our people are experts in both the messages we share and how to reach diverse groups. Our learning environment has many components, from classroom training to hands-on experiences and plenty of coaching from the best in our industry. Each team member can access resources that help them learn how to present and engage the public masterfully so that we drive more impact each day.


Forge Strong Bonds

The moment people enter our Eligius Marketing Group office, they can feel the energy surround them. It’s an enthusiasm that comes from an empowering and supportive culture in which everyone works toward common goals. We share ideas and a drive to do good, but we also value diversity. Our travel program takes our people to new and exciting places, like conferences in big cities and tropical retreats, where we bond over our experiences and celebrate our good work.


Lend Your Voice to the Greater Good

Together, we are a force for change in our community as we champion great causes and companies. There’s a passion that comes from knowing we’re part of this movement. Join Eligius Marketing Group today.

at Eligius
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