Getting Clear on How to Set Goals

Getting Clear on How to Set Goals

Knowing how to set and achieve goals is a crucial skill for Team Eligius Marketing Group. Here are some of the steps we teach new hires for setting and hitting objectives from their first days with our team:

• Get Organized: Yes, this means keeping your desk clear, but it also goes a little deeper. When we apply structure to our lives, we find ourselves conserving energy and acting with more purpose.

• Set a Success Plan: This includes knowing and working with our strengths, and also getting clear on what we want to achieve (as opposed to what others expect from us, or what we think we should want from ourselves). Only authentic goals bring lasting satisfaction.

• Follow a System: We like the SMART acronym for setting goals in the Eligius Marketing Group office because it’s easy to use. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive, and a target that has been clarified enough to fulfill all these terms has a high chance of success.

• Find Accountability Partners: When we share our plans for the future with trusted friends and colleagues, we’re more motivated to make them happen. Not only do we want to impress our peer group, but they’re likely to encourage us when we need it.

We’re invested in helping our team members reach their personal and professional potential, so we teach people about proper goal-setting techniques right away. Check out our Eligius Marketing Group Newswire feed to find out more about this vital topic.