Jon Is Working Hard to Make Our Company Grow

Jon Is Working Hard to Make Our Company Grow

Putting our top people in the spotlight is one of the ways we show our Eligius Marketing Group admiration. This month, we decided to highlight someone who rarely puts himself center stage: Jon, our firm’s President.

Our goal is to expand Eligius Marketing Group into a new area, and Jon is busy making the plans that will set us up for success. He’s setting milestones and action steps while investing in our development through a comprehensive curriculum that almost guarantees we blow past the competition.

Our training program provides the solid base every person needs to thrive in our field. It’s a system that caters to our team members’ strengths while helping us shore up any weaknesses. This, along with Jon’s leadership, ensures we are well-equipped for the evolving market.

Jon employs coaching and workshops to ensure that we have access to all the skills and knowledge we need to excel in our roles. We also provide travel to conferences and retreats that get us around the most successful people in peer-to-peer marketing, which keeps us all on the cutting edge of the latest techniques being used in other markets.

With our top-notch learning system and Jon at the helm, we’re certain to rule another market before the end of the year. Check out our Eligius Marketing Group Newswire feed to learn more about Jon’s leadership tactics and the path on which he’s taking our firm.